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PsychotherapyIn The Tradition of C G. Jung

I am a certified Jungian analyst and licensed Psychologist (PSY-5285) practicing in San Francisco, California.

   I can help you with:

--Psychological and spiritual development
--Depression and anxiety
--Love, intimacy and sexuality
--Addictions; co-dependency (recovery in depth) 
--Midlife transitions and aging
--Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) and those in relationship with HSPs
--Creative process
--LGBT issues
--Emotional balance and well being
--Issues of grief, death and dying
--Experiencing joy; deepening serenity and equanimity
--Listening to the heart; developing intuition
--Cultivating presence
--Knowing the Self

The therapeutic relationship can provide a safe space for making a relationship with the Self--the limitless ground of your being. What Jung called the Self is essentially you, and yet it is also transcends the narrow confines and preoccupations of the ego.
Most emotional difficulties, blocks and inner conflicts resolve through skillful healing contact with the Self, via the therapeutic container and relationship. In Jungian therapy or analysis, your very particular individuality unfolds its unique potentials; at the same time, the analytic process supports awakening to oneness with all of LIfe, to the higher Self.



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