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PsychotherapyIn The Tradition of C G. Jung

About Me

I was certified as a Jungian analyst by the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco (1992). I have served on the Certifying Committee, which oversees the final stage of analytic training. I have published and/or lectured in the U.S., and also in Zurich, Switzerland on topics including: archetypal psychology; trauma and life threatening illness; gender and sexuality; gay marriage. I co-edited and contributed to the Jungian anthology, Same Sex Love and the Path to Wholeness (Shambhala, 1993).

Integrating spirituality and psychology into daily life is a vital component of my practice. Rumi-oriented Sufism, Zen Buddhism, and 12-Step recovery programs are three areas which I have explored in depth.

Other brief mentions about me: I have a background  in music, body movement, and therapeutic breath work. I am the father of an adult, neuro-atypical daughter, and so am well versed in issues of ADHD, LD and ASD.

I love spending time in nature.


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